Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gonaives Church

 The Gonaives Church has been praying for a long time for a permanent home. They have been renting a buildings for over 18 years.

And Now God has filled his house! 

With VBS held at the church this last summer. The church has reached out to the community.

Below is Pastor Luc's Comments:

God is working in the church Gonaives after 21 days service every night, 17 peoples come to Christ, peoples in church very mobilizing for evangelism, the people very hungry for God every night many peoples come for worship service, this Sunday  church give 400 people food and just after service especially with women in church helping praise God. this program is name {feeding program Sunday for the kids,}the kids very happy for it together every Sunday, very good opportunity for the kids because the kid very poor,
the V B S encourage people in the communities to came in church for worship service thank you God.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gonaives Haiti Video

Mick Ireton shares his small groups response to Haiti Trip.

Since this was video made ... the roof has been completed just last week thanks to some wonderful donor's  Praise God  they had Easter Service in the Church .... however ..... they are unable to continue to have service because the church is not secure enough to until they get widows to make it more secure or they may loose the benches and sound equipment to thief.

Will you pray with us for God's will and timing and if he ask you donate.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Economic Situation Is Difficult In Moulin Haiti!

I received the below e-mail from Pastor Luc Joesph today Nov. 23th 2013. The village Moulin is a remote mountain village in the north western region of Haiti. The Pastor Imfranc is in need of help. Please read and pray if God would have you to respond to this urgent need. It is our desire that all churches and schools be self supporting but this is not always possible in hard economic times.

I H S,

Max R Wright


Update we are please to say that a group covered the needs for 6 months Praise God!

Dear my friends, please pray for  the church and school of Moulin, the situation economic very difficult, this school  effective 130 kids and 4 teachers and 1 director no support of kids not access for school the kids, working  2 hours  every day, no food  imagine the situation in the mountains for the kids in areas. please pray  for the needs $500 every monthly the support of Pastor Imfranc for the Church & School.

God bless you.
Pastor Luc Joseph

 Some Photo's of Moulin Church Time Line
Pastor Imfranc 2007

Moulin Church started in February 2007

Pastor Imfranc in Prayer November 2009

School Children Moulin Church
School Children in front of Church/School Nov. 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ministry in Haiti has been going forward in 2013 Praise God!

Sorry for the failure to keep you posted via the Haiti Blog for a long time. However for some reason I have not been able to log into the Blogger account for a long time .... however it appears that has change. Technology is wonderful when it works when it doesn't it's a little frustrating.

In 2013 we have had some good thing happening.

In February Pastor Luc, Pastor Maula, Brian Easley, Brad Gray, Macdo and Myself made a trip to Dominican Republic  after we had a wonderful Pastors Conference in Gonaives. both were very successful.

During our trip to Dominican we had 6 people accept Christ. Praise God.

Pastor Paul Galbraith BCC, lead a team back in April and then another team doing VBS in July. again in August an Evangelism team with real success.

As I write  in November Pastor Paul has a team doing Medical missions in Haiti this week as well as a couple of men building Bee Hives to gather Honey and promote pollination of the garden.

Wow, a lot has gone on this year, and God's hand is guiding.

Thankful for all who have gone to help and the leader who have invested in the ministry.

God Bless

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2013 Summer VBS Gonaives Haiti

The 2013 VBS hosted at Christ Compassion Orphanage was a great success.  300 children, youth, and adults gathered from various churches, most from Pastor Luc's and Pastor Maula's, and some from other churches in Gonaives.  A team of 8 from Indiana and Ohio helped host the VBS, teaching the Bible Stories and Health and Hygiene lessons.  That team included Paul Galbraith, Kelsey Fisk, Nicole Newell, Harrison Bottorff, and Joseph Trimmer from Brandywine Community Church, Katie McKeeman from Park Chapel Christian Church, and Joanna Peders and Rachel Shimrock from Friends Church:  Willoughby Hills, Ohio.


All who attended the VBS were encouraged and challenged to pass on the knowledge gained from scripture and the health and hygiene lessons to their families and communities back home.  Between lesson and worship times, everyone enjoyed playing, eating, and spending time together.


Before leaving, the team passed out some clothes and toys to the children at Christ Compassion Orphanage.

Paul Galbraith and Kelsey Fisk stayed in Haiti to work with Pastor Luc on some projects with the Jezi Dlo water purification systems and the children at Christ Compassion Orphanage.  


A team led by Mick & Carla Ireton, Grace Gathering Church, Fort Wayne, IN, will travel to Gonaives August 10th-17th, to host a VBS at Gonaives Church.   This VBS will focus on evangelism to children and families in the downtown area, plugging them into the Gonaives Church.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Orphanage Garden is growing & growing

we have been trying to purchase a plot of ground for growing a variety of produce for the orphanage children to get a more balanced diet. The Land Deal closed, the children helped plant the garden and as you can see it's growing .... they will be able to get 3-4 crops a year from this plot, and they should have excess to even sell some to help with expenses.

Gonaives Church under construction.
 The first level of the new church building for the Gonaives Church is underway, it will be a 2 story building so we have a ways to go to get this finished.

Transformation Leadership

Happy to report that our leadership conference last week was appreciated and very well received.

Pastor Wes Davis, Dr Bryan Easley and I shared with 46 pastors and leaders a view of Biblical leadership.