Monday, October 6, 2008


I Talked to Luc this afternoon.
Drinking Water is the most difficult problem affecting health right now. The people need food, but if they drink bad water they are at serious health risk. The water plant in Gonaives was destroyed so safe water has to come from about 40 miles away.
Mosquitoes are an extreme problem in Gonaives right now, and Malaria will follow which is always a problem in Haiti. This will drive the death toll higher, the old and the young are at most risk. We are going to try to get sufficient Mosquito Nets for those living in the unfinished house.
The Gonaives Church and school is not able to function at present due to the destruction of the rented church buildings. Luc is holding services at his unfinished home, where he and his family and 25 Orphans are living in the unfinished mission house. Your financial help is needed to finish the house, install a water well, toilets, sewer, and get generator power to the house. We need your financial help now.
In the near future it’s Luc & my belief that God desires us to purchase the land adjacent to the mission house in order to have both an Orphanage as well as a building that can hold church services as well as school. The estimated cost of the land is $25,000 the cost of this project is estimated at $80,000. Obviously we need you to help this desperate situation.
In a country that is so poor how can the cost be so high? Everything that is not a natural resource has to be shipped in, other that the coral sand, everything else has to be shipped in so you have to add fuel and shipping cost to everything.

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