Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

In a country that has a population of poor, any disruption in trying to sustain life is a major problem. As I write this I have little more news that you can get from CNN or Fox News. My only direct contact has been with an acquaintance located in Cap Haitian in the north east of the island, he reports that all cell service is down, I have tried land lines with no success either. Below is a link that can give a little more information. I will up date as I have information, but it could be days before communications are restored. Loss of life is certain, knowing the construction techniques.


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TV News Guy said...

Max -
This is Garrett Baggs - Amanda Marcum's husband.
Would you be willing to do a live phone interview with us this morning on Fox 59 between 6am & 10am to discuss the earthquake, and how people can help from Indiana?
Let me know - gbaggs@tribune.com or call 317-687-6541 and ask for me.