Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Observation from June 2010 Haiti Trip

Chris Reason

Just a few weeks ago, I was in the country of Haiti riding in the back of a “tap-tap” and bouncing along pothole filled roads during a two hour commute to church. Even at this early hour on Sunday morning, the sun’s heat was already intense. My clothes were soaked with sweat and my face was dirty from dust and exhaust fumes. Although the ride was somewhat difficult, I had ample time to process what I had already seen and heard during my time in the country.
Our team had only been in Haiti for three full days, but God had already shown me that the people of Haiti are “special” – and I mean this in a supernatural way. Many of these people have “nothing” when compared to our American standard of living. They have very little clothing and only a few possessions. Many do not own a vehicle and have no electricity or running water in their small homes. They have endured many trials through floods, earthquakes and financial droughts. Yet, even those who lack the hope of Jesus Christ appear to remain resilient through it all. They are truly special.
During our short time with the Pastor Luc and his family, I could clearly see that these people have been called to fulfill the Great Commission within the country of Haiti. The Joseph family and the local pastors are full compassion for their neighbors and they showed me a deeper meaning to the words of Jesus that “we are to love our neighbors as we do ourselves”. I saw a supernatural love flowing through all of them and God is using them to impact the country of Haiti.
We were able to spend some quality time with the children of the orphanage and they are incredible. Our time with the kids was filled with soccer games, kite flying, coloring, card playing as well as singing, dancing encouragement and prayer. The kids are full of the love of Jesus and they bring joy to your heart when you see their smiling faces. We were able to see their current difficult living conditions and get a firsthand look at the progress on their new home at the Ireton House orphanage. The new orphanage is a special place that will give the children plenty of room inside as well as open space to run and play outside. The children are very excited and they are definitely ready to move into their new home!
If you listen to the news stories and articles about the devastation and unrest throughout Haiti, you would truly believe that these people are “less fortunate” than we are in America. This description would be accurate only if “fortune” was measured in their monetary wealth, or by the size of their homes, or in their material possessions. In the light of what I saw in the hearts of the believers in Haiti, God has a different way of measuring their fortunes. In Matthew 5:4, Jesus said “blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”. I cannot find a better word than “meek” to describe of many of the people in Haiti as they are truly humble and grateful to the Lord for all that they have. In my mind, the Joseph family, the local pastors and the orphanage children are some of the most fortunate people on this earth.

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