Monday, October 25, 2010

Main Caregiver of Orphanage - Rosanna's Mother Died

I'm so Sorry to report what I just learned, that Roseanna's Mother, Concilia Constant Carlemont who faithfully cared for the children of the Orphanage has died tonight.

She was from the same village as Luc's father and although I do not have the details, must assume that she has also died of Cholera.

Rossanna is taking it hard, she and her mother were best friends, and spent much time together when possible.

She loved Jesus very much and Heaven is rejoicing even as we morn her passing.

Please Pray for the family, but because she was like a mother to the Orphans, and took care of them night and day, pray for the children, as well people to help fill her shoes she did the work of several people.

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