Thursday, September 4, 2008

Food & Water

Dear Friends in Christ
Pray that God would provide a miracle in the form of food and water and safety, for Luc’s family and the 25 children in his care. The largest city is cut off at present even the UN cannot access the area to provide aid. It will require your prayers and Gods hand to meet the daily needs of those in distress.
Haiti simply has no infrastructure, and although they have appointed officials to meet the needs of the people in crisis the reality is much worse than most Americans can imagine.
Pray that God would move is all that Luc has asked for in my last 2 conversations with him.
We want to help but sometimes we are frustrated when we can do nothing immediate but pray, don’t be frustrated, PRAY.
If God speaks to you to help, the best help at present is money. It will take 30 days to ship supplies and we may well do that but it takes $ donations to make any of this possible.
We do need cash relief funds.
LOVED ONES IN HAITI is the relief fund.
The quickest method is checks by phone. We can receive Master and Visa cards however there is a delay in receiving those funds from the card service.
All funds received will be used without WRI taking any administration fees.

Max R Wright
World Renewal International Haiti-Rep

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