Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hosung Solutions

Present location of Family and 25 Orphanage Children.
Luc’s Mission House is under construction. It is presently 60% completed. The compound has exterior walls and gate for security. The house has walls, roof and steel doors and barred windows. There are no electric, plumbing, nor are the walls or floors finished at present. It is safe and on higher ground. We estimate that it will take an additional $10,000 to finish the house. The cost have sky rocked since the Oil prices have gone up, the cost of gas in Haiti was up to $7.00 in July.
There is a piece of land next to this property that we would like to purchase and build an Orphanage. We feel that it would be a good, safe place to have an Orphanage, school and church for the near future. Under present pricing it will cost approximately $80,000 to build the Orphanage and buy the land which has tripled in price since Luc purchased the land next door in the last 4 years.

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