Saturday, December 6, 2008

Luc travels to US in November

Willie Nelson sang on the road again ... and Frank encouraged Luc to pose by this mural in youth area at Derby Friends Church while we were visiting Wichita Kansas area, in honor of the 2,500 mile road trip we were making.

Luc flew to Kansas City where Gary Wright, Frank Penna and I picked him up, we then visited several people who have supported ministry in Haiti over the last few years one way or another, this was such a good time for people meeting with Luc most for the first time.

One of the most wonderful meetings was this one, with Mrs. Clouse at her home, she has helped with training pastors and leaders for several years now in Haiti. (These Conferences have been named in honor of her Husband Clint Clouse) Mrs. Clouse had never had an opportunity to meet with Luc, this was a God designed meeting, Frank & Gary as well as myself were privileged to be there. The obedience of this wonderful lady has had a great impact on our ability to train our leaders in Haiti.

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