Sunday, January 18, 2009


Luc and Rosanna are in US for a little rest at our insistence. I explained to them that even Jesus pulled away from the crowed in order to rest. With over 30 living in a small unfinished house and still no well drilled due to a drilling machine that keeps breaking, life is still the major struggle as it has been for the last 5 months. That they are doing as well as they are, is nothing but a miracle. Although they are both tired, they still have the joy of the lord in their life. They are staying in Fort Lauderdale at Luc's brothers, and I brought 9 crates to Florida for them, donation from people who wanted to help, full of bed linens and personal hygiene items. It is our desire to purchase and ship a substantial amount of household items to replace some of the daily living items that were lost in the flood in September. Where do you start, when you loose everything and live in a country where obtaining anything is difficult? Pray that God will provide wisdom and resources for what he desires. Pray that Satans hold on this country will be broken forever.
According to Luc & Rosanna the 25 orphans are OK just in need of more room and more supplies.

Trusting God with Luc & Rosanna


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