Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pastor Madam Anthony Coreus Get Promoted Eternally

Pastor Madam Anthony Coreus Grand Saline Haiti died Saturday evening in her home village of Grand Saline, Haiti.
God Called her when the only church in the village was down to about 5 people to step up in leadership. She never aspired to be a pastor but when God has work to be done he uses those who are willing. At her passing the church attendance was running about 80. In 4 years God brought about a remarkable change in this remote village of fishermen and their families.

Life in Haiti is always difficult however the role of a women pastor is even harder. Madam Anthony lost her husband just 2 1/2 years ago and now she is with him, Praise God.

This church was struggling as many do at some point in Haiti because the church was built on land owned by an individual, and all was not going well with this situation, she had lamented much over the way Satan was trying to intervene in the ministry work.

Pray that God will have his way in this work in the future.

World Renewal International has set up a memorial fund to both help with meeting the family's needs in her burial but also to buy land to build another structure for worship.

Jesus used fisherman to spread the gospel to but as beautiful as this scene is life in this remote village is very difficult.
I don't know if Madam Anthony ever equated her ministry situation to that of the early followers of Christ but the boats they use today are not much different, and the work that the people do on a daily basis is much the same.
Pray that the ministry will move forward and the congregation of 80 will be faithful and expand to reach their neighbors.

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