Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shippment Arrives in Gonaives

Luc called me last night to tell me that the his brothers 25' truck filled with their house hold goods arrived, cleared customs, and now is at his home in Gonaives. The cost of shipping was more than the cost of the contents but that's the reality of life in Haiti.

Trying to get anything in Haiti is always a chore, but when Luc and Rosanna were in Fort Lauderdale in January, we shopped and shopped for replacement household goods, everything they owned was lost in flooding in September 2008. We were looking for Bedroom furniture, living room, stove, refrigerator, dining table ect... for people who are not accustomed to this type of shoping, quite an experience.

We looked at every second hand shoppe we could find, a fea market that went on for acres and acres, but had no success in finding anything that was even somewhat usable for the budget we had .

BUT GOD PROVIDED,........ thru a generous doner, we were able to buy new items in the scratch and dent section of a nice store in Fort Lauderdale, and as well, pay for shipping and customs.

I could hear the joy in Luc's voice over the wonderful report he gave me last night, I'm sure both had a big smile on their faces praising God for the blessings.

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SomUsr said...

I am so happy that all was received. LUC we all luv you,Rose Lucy and Rosanna!
I am hoping to see some more pictures from you there.