Thursday, August 27, 2009

Frank & Max Visit Haiti in August

Luc translates for me as I give a message on Sunday at new church plant near Saint Michael. The church was full, but as you can see not hard to renovate due to the flexibility of the walls.
We need $1,000 to put up a structure that has a rain proof roof and substantial walls, although on a nice day on the top of a mountain it was beautiful and cool.

Frank is teaching the Kids Hail Jesus Your My King. They learned 3 new songs in English in 1 morning. Good teacher, great Kids.

Frank, Pastor Josel & Luc at Perou Church, Morning after holding service and showing Jesus film.
Islanda, Max & Frank

Trip to Bassin Church to meet with Pastor Julio and kids put on a little song service for them. Pray that God will provide $4000 to build the church. Land is purchased and temorary structure is up foundation is in place but they have out grown it already.

Islanda in the front is handicapped due to illness that has left her Left arm, hand and leg somewhat paralyzed and in the rear Jacob's right eye was blinded by a stick accident while playing prior to coming to the Orphanage.

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Wayne Images said...

Hi Max,
We're thankful you're back from your trip and are looking forward to joining you in Haiti in October. Thanks for sharing these pictures and stories.
Jeri and Perry