Monday, February 15, 2010

30 Days After the Haiti Quake

Thursday of this week Myself and Herve Louis are headed to Haiti. At last we're able to get a commercial flight into Port au Prince. Until this week if you were not flying in relief supplies, or a member of a medical or rescue team it was very difficult to get authorization for a flight, one of the few options was a Private or Charter flight into Haiti, not in our budget!!
Our need to be in the country were not that critical since we were able to get relief funds into the country.

The needs are still tremendous but I hope to be able to give a better assessment 3 weeks from now.

The Graffiti behind the woman reads "An Earthquake happened in Haiti Killing many people, but we are Still Alive"

I would request that you pray that God will give us wisdom and insight of how we will best help in the future.

Only 4 weeks after the earthquake, the world is now turning to new news, to fill the 24hr news cycles. The report is more than 215,000 people lost their lives, and yet the reporting is waining, were it not for the return of CNN's Anderson Cooper I don't know if there would be any International TV reporting at this time.
The news reported that they were having a national prayer vigil in Port au Prince.

However a Friend of mine living in Port au Prince told me last night that for 3 days the country has been in Revival. She indicated God is moving in the hearts of the people. Pray that this continues.

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Bob said...

Travelers Mercys Max.
Watch for a friend of mine going to Jacmel with a group from Lebanon. Her name is Laura Tucker.

Pierre is excited about the revival going on in the hearts of the Haitians.