Monday, March 15, 2010

Post Quake Haiti

I returned on March 3 from a visit to Haiti.

Myself and a friend Herve Louis were able with God's help and direction to be on the first commercial passenger flight into Haiti post earthquake.
I'm pleased to report that aid is getting thru on some levels to the Port au Prince area.

I spent 3 days in Port au Prince to help a friend as well as see what progress is being made to help those displaced by the earthquake. Progress is extremely slow but that is the normal pace in Haiti.

To date I believe Luc has purchased and delivered approximately $15,000 in medicine, food and water. Much to the Port au Prince area, but also to hospital in the Gonaives treating victims. In Haiti the Doctor may well prescribe medicine for those treated, but often the hospital isn't able to fill the prescription and most don't have the money to pay if it is available. So Luc was able to help filling prescriptions, then minister to the people and families by delivering to to them.

Although very tired Luc and family are doing fine. The children in the orphanage are alright but living in very cramped quarters. I told them that we are trying our best to get their new home finished in the next 3 months.
The well for the Mission house and Orphanage should be finished very soon.

When I left in October Luc was planing to get the house painted. That happened and it looks great. The house is about 90% finished, he had a very pleasant surprise in December, his cousin that lives in Florida was so kind to give them the money to finish the home. Kitchen cabinets are in and the floors are now tiled. A year ago we had a family donate money to buy furniture to replace what was lost in the 2008 flood. The furniture, much of it stored is now being used they are praising God. The thing that most surprised me was the house warming gift that this same cousin gave them for Christmas, a flat screen TV... yes...when I ask them about how it worked, they said all they knew was it said NO SIGNAL.. they didn't have an antenna but Luc said they only wanted it for showing the evangelism video's. I hooked the portable DVD player they use for evangelism video's and 2 nights in a row we had neighbors come in and watch the Jesus Film and The Gospel of John. They watched intently and talked about the video with their neighbors. What a blessing.


Wayne Images said...

Wow! I can hardly believe it!!!

Shelley said...

Praise God! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!