Monday, November 8, 2010

Good News concerning Cholera, Bad News concerning Hurricane

Bill Farra of Fountains of Hope let me know Sunday about 1:00am that he was going to try to install a water purification system in Drouin even though we hadn't received the $3,500 need to install a system ... that's a major praise, however we really need to get the monies for that system so he can meet the high demand for his systems in so many places.

Luc called me today about the water purification system that will hopefully be installed in Drouin by the end of the week trying to work out the logistics. Fountains of Hope is trying to get a system installed while they are in Haiti, what a blessing this will be for those in this village. He was very pleased.

About 1 hour later he called me to give me the bad news Hurricane Tomas Destroyed 2 church structures . Our churches at Moulin and Botso have sustain major damage due to the hurricane. As well the pastor at Botso, Arnold Etienne brother was kill. the churches are quite a distance from each other so the hurricane swept across a large area leaving destruction on the high mountain tops.

Moulin Church in 2008 when it was started. Pastor Imfranc

Botso church at dedication in 2008. Pastor Arnold Etienne

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