Monday, November 7, 2011

Prayer Request

Please take time to read and pray over the request from Pastor Maula! It's very time sinsitive

I need very bad a car for the ministry. Because I don’t have one; they are a bunch of things I can accomplish. I felt to pray and look for a good sustainable car by faith. Last week I found a very good used car to buy in Haiti. I really like it because it is a Toyota diesel engine which will be very economic for me. Diesel fuel is a lot cheaper here in Haiti. It will help me to save a lot of money. It will make my life and the ministry going easier. The hard thing, the car cost $ 10,000.00 US. I felt God told me not to give up. I keep praying to know what door to knock on. This morning I received an email from a church who said that they are willing to donate $ 6000.00US. Now I have to raise $4000.00US to get the car. Two good things about this car, I won’t need to deal with all the custom difficulties and the running back and forth for the government license plate. All these things are already done by the original owner. I will put the picture of the care on my blog. If you don’t mind you can take a look at it.

Please, I would appreciate if you could pray for me for another miracle to get the rest of the money. I have a time limit to purchase it. They hold the care for me for 8 days. You are welcome to pass this prayer request to others.

God bless you.

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