Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WRI Haiti update January 2012

In order for the gospel to be taken to the world, we as Christians have to reach out to our neighbors with the love of Christ. God may be calling you to reach your neighbor or for sure your family and friends. Sometimes these are the hardest people to reach, or so it seems, however with the power of the Holy Spirit all things are possible.

I want to encourage you to help take the gospel beyond your daily world.

We had a good year in World Renewal International Haiti, much has been accomplished, but much is head of us. We have seen the need for 13 water systems met since November 2011, with only 5 more needed for our current churches.

Our monthly support for Christ Compassion Orphanage has improved with the addition of some monthly sponsors, we are so thankful for the commitment of those who have helped in that area of need. We are currently in the process of purchasing land for the Orphanage, so they can grow some high quality food to improve their diet.

Our church planting is moving forward, and our goals are lofty (200 Church Plants) but not beyond what God has placed on our hearts, please pray that the people will be receptive to the gospel and the funds to start new churches will be available in the future. Presently we have 18 partner churches in Haiti with the most recent church start taking place in mid December 2011.

We have a great and pressing need that I would like you to pray about participating in … A little less than one year ago, we brought on board Pastor Maula Jean Marie, he currently has 6 partner churches that he is overseeing. His focus is the same as what Luc and I have been doing for the last 15 years. He is a friend of mine and Luc’s and has been helping us informally, for several years. When he came on board his support was not sufficient to accomplish the ministry that he oversees. We have received sad news from a major contributor to Maula’s ministry support. They indicated that they are unable to continue their financial support of $1,000 per month. That amount represents 80% of the funding he was receiving.

The economy has been tough on all of us, and around the world, but for Maula this represents more than a cut back, it will not allow him to feed his family let alone have resource to accomplish ministry.

I believe with all my heart God’s people have the ability to help not only offset the loss of monthly support, but increase support to the levels needed. Pray with me about this situation, if God so indicates to you, please partner with us, so that Maula will be able to continue the work God has called him to.

Praise: We had ask for funds to provide Maula with a car, (he lost 2 vehicles in 2008 flood that killed 3000 in Gonaives Haiti) he found an SUV for, $10,000, at present God has provided or we have commitments for $9,000 of the money for this vehicle, however we still need another $1,000 plus money for license and insurance and plates. Maula’s churches are in a radius of 45 miles, this vehicle is one of the necessity that he has not had for the last 3 years.

Life in Haiti is difficult, that is understood, for someone in ministry, it is extremely difficult, without the right tools and resource, it’s nearly impossible to accomplish what God, has set before us. Having said that God does not call us where he will not keep us, be a partner with Maula.

Please Pray and support this work.

If God is leading you to support Maula, please indicate that in future gifts. If God directs to help with the SUV, indicate your gift is for Maula’s car. Online giving can be accomplished through the World Renewal International web site. http://worldrenewal.org/

God is good, because of him we are a blessed people, help us reach the world, making disciples, until Christ returns.

Thank you for your love and support of the ministry God has set before us.

I H S,

Max R Wright

World Renewal International/Haiti Rep.

PO Box 399

Greenfield, In. 46140

Cell 317-590-6099

Office 317-467-9899


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